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The science of physics is interesting and rewarding. Splung.com Physics aims to help you with your physics course, whether it be high-school physics or just starting at university.

Flash Physics Simulations

Mathematics is the language of physics and the material at Splung.com uses mathematics and physics simulations to make difficult physics concepts more understandable and fun.

Physics Help

Splung.com is an online general physics web site aimed at high-school students, or college students taking physics. The site is always in development and we are adding new material all the time. Teacher can find the site useful for planning lessons.

Physics Revision

At exam time, you may find that you need extra information to help you revise. The information covers general physics and frequently goes beyond the physics curriculum. Revise physics or do homework for your physics course.

Physics Forum

If you are completely stuck on a problem for your physics homework? Why not try the physics forum. It is moderated by a qualified physicist who is happy to help and advise on questions in physics or mathematics.

Physics Demonstrations

Using Flash simulations and interactive Flash experiments extensively demonstrate key-concepts such as the charge and discharge of capacitors or the conservation of momentum during collisions.

Online Physics Lessons

Splung.com is being continuously updated. At present, the site contains sections on mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, heat and thermodynamics, nuclear physics and cosmology with more sections in the pipeline.

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